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Founded in March of 2011, T.A.P.S. of KC Inc. was created by Mr. Charles S. Bell. The Agency was formed with a simple mission statement, “to honor, to serve, and to protect” wherever and with whom ever calls them to duty. This personal call to action pays tribute in constructing an elite Private Enforcement Agency built on a solid foundation of honor, service, and protection. T.A.P.S of KC Inc. has successfully branched into a fully functioning privately funded Agency that serves as an acting Private Enforcement detail providing many services and duties that are found within (3) three main divisions; (P.E.U.)-Private Enforcement Unit, (C.O.P.)-Community Outreach Programs, and (M.E.P.)-Motorcade Escort Protection.


Private Enforcement Unit

Our trained and commissioned TAPSKC Private Officers perform a variety of duties according to our motto; to “honor, serve and protect” in a multi-jurisdictional capacity.

Our Agency specializes in an array of private enforcement functions that promote general public safety and provides our clients with a visual and active deterrent to criminal behavior and/or criminal activities.

Private Officers are required to have past military or law enforcement training or extensive private security enforcement experience. Our TAPSKC Private Officers are required to maintain current certifications that are comparable to; (NLETC) the National Law Enforcement Training Center, CPR and general First Aid certifications.

Private Property Enforcement is simply our Private Officer’s enforcing your individual, company or organizations; rules, regulations, sanctions and/or stipulations. Our Agency has had the absolute pleasure to provide our “Private Property Enforcement” services to; event spaces, elementary schools, night-clubs, department stores, retail establishments, shopping complex’s / centers and various charitable organizations. We are delighted to engage in conversation as we serve, within the community, on your property, at your school, during your charitable event, and/or throughout the evening into the morning hours. Our Agency is personally invested in a commitment to protect you, your assets, personal/commercial property and all patrons from any criminal activity and personal harm. In the unfortunate event that our presence fails to deter criminal activity our Private Officers are prepared to act accordingly to protect and preserve human life.

Our TAPSKC Private Officer’s are authorized to use the force deemed necessary injunction with their training, in order to protect themselves, their fellow Officers, and the public. Much like our competitor’s and/or any law enforcement agencies, our Private Enforcement Agency is also unable to make or promise any guarantees related to total prevention of criminal behavior and/or activities. Our TAPS Private Officers use the force necessary and appropriate to promote general compliance and public peace.

Traffic Control and Parking Enforcement

Parking Lot Surveillance

Risk Management / Loss Prevention

Proactive Private Property Enforcement

Proactive Private Property Patrols

Stationary Field Agent / Concierge

Shopping Center – Private Enforcement – Loss Prevention

It is our absolute pleasure, dedication and passion to engage and root ourselves within the community that we serve. Our mission is to promote and provide a proactive private enforcement function that protects the patrons of the community with the mutual cooperation and efforts of local/state law enforcement agencies. The safety of your customers, guests and visiting patrons is our highest mission. The protection of your business assets and property is equally important.


KANSAS – *$26.00 hourly, MISSOURI – *$29.00 hourly, COMBINED – $27.50 hourly

*based on a (4) hour minimum, private event. Stationary fulltime positions are available, call for pricing.

Community Outreach Programs

K9 Character Mascot “Ruger!” the Watchdog

“Ruger!” the Watchdog is a highly trained K9 German Shepard that was illustrated by Bam! Mascots standing at a short 80” inches, as everyones BEST FRIEND. Sporting is Official K9 TAPS uniform complete with a badge, cargo pants and boots. Don’t let this pup fool you, he works hard and PLAYS EVEN HARDER. Be prepared to party! Created to perform for all ages with guest appearances at sporting events, birthday parties, public events, parades, fairs, conventions, openings and prepared to spice up even the most normal school day. Happy to (((woof))) with kids about saying NO to drugs / bullying and encouraging kids with his enthusiasm and high energy to stay alert, smart, and safe! “Ears up and alert like a K9!” No bites, just happy smiles, laughter and friendly “high fives!” Ruger appreciates fans of all ages, and is always ready to pose and say “MILKBONE!” This TOP K9 is excited to have the opportunity to entertain his fans throughout the United States. As a Watchdog, he distinctly searches for opportunities to “Unite” communities and deter criminal behavior thus allowing the communities to remain safe and grow!


Stranger Safety Presentations:

What do most K9’s do? (((bark))) right?! We created a presentation for younger children 3 yrs old to 12 years old.

“Ruger!” the Watchdog reminds kids to “BARK.”

B – BUDDY System

Use the buddy system: playing together and staying together.


Be aware and alert to the things around you. Take mental notes.

R – RUN to a Safe Adult and/or place

In the event that a DONT KNOW or a KINDA KNOW comes around you. Run! to safety


If a stranger or someone that you know grabs you and tries to take you away.

This initial presentation creates a dialog with children and helps give them “key words.” These key words are: SAFE ADULT, SAFE PLACE, DONT KNOWS, KINDA KNOWS. Child Safety and Stranger Safety is everyone’s responsibility! In order to help prevent child abductions, kids must be able to “B.A.R.K!” For more details on this presentation, and the continued educational SPRING – SUMMER – FALL – WINTER packages available, call us for a free informational brochure. TAPS of KC Inc. – Private Enforcement Agency – is dedicated to informing children of today how to play safe!

Motorcade Escort Protection

Our TAPS Agency utilize well conditioned, retired BMW police motorcycles and marked Chrysler 300 patrol vehicles to perform funeral/motorcade escorting and traffic control duties.

Our TAPS Private Officers are take great pride in the opportunity to “honor, serve, and protect” you, your staff, your assets and vehicles, general public and patrons that are participating in the escorted event. Although TAPS is honored to provide these services to funeral homes in both Kansas and Missouri, our Agency is equally honored to provide our elite Motor Unit by request to local/state law enforcement agencies, government dignitaries, local/national celebrities, charitable organizations, and benefit rides that require traffic control and vehicular escorting/protection services. Our TAPS Private Officers are commissioned by the Board of Police Commissioners and the Private Officer’s Licensing Section of Kansas City, Missouri. Our Agency has standardized pricing for services. Our pricing is published to ensure all clients are treated equally.

Our TAPS Agency requires a minimum of two (2) motorcade units be used to perform duties.

$250.00 (2) motorcade units/agents

$350.00 (3) motorcade units/agents

$450.00 (4) motorcade units/agents


Request to start an account, free of charge. Please e-mail us at: tapskc@gmail.com with your companies contact information. All inquiries will be answered in the order in which they were received, and contacted within 48 hours of your request. Thank you for contracting our Agency to provide our elite motor unit and superior services with our commitment to superior safety to “honor, serve, and protect.”

Anti Piracy Enforcement

The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of a copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by fines and federal imprisonment.

Our A.P.E. unit successfully prevents, deters, detains, apprehends individuals and / or groups that are in suspicion of violating the copyrights of a film by illegally obtaining or reproducing a films content. Our Private Agency supports the efforts of millions of talented artists that create the variety of media, and we aim to help protect it in our efforts of providing proactive Anti-Piracy Enforcement.

Intellectual property rights theft is not a victimless crime. Because of piracy of media and other commercial goods, U.S. businesses lose millions of dollars each year, threatening American jobs and negatively impacting the economy. Not only can the violation of intellectual property rights damage the economy, it also poses serious health and safety risks to consumers, and often times, it fuels global organized crime. The FBI, along with the U.S. Attorney’s Offices, has made investigating and preventing intellectual property theft a top priority within their Bureau. Our Agency concentrates our efforts at the theater floor. An individual violates these laws by reproducing or distributing copyrighted work, with or without monetary gain. If convicted, these acts are punishable by fines and federal imprisonment.

Our Agency currently provides services for the following area’s in the United States of America in regards to specifically monitoring and surveillance to deter Piracy. These metropolitan area’s are as follows: KANSAS CITY, MO – SPRINGFIELD, MO – KANSAS CITY, KS – ST LOUIS, MO – OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – TULSA, OK – BUFFALO, NY – SILVER SPRING, MD – HANOVER, MD – WHITE MARSH, MD

Movie Screenings USA

Anti-Piracy Enforcement can be utilized at a private level by production companies or individuals to enforcement the copyright laws that protect your production or work. It is our Agents mission to enforce this growing threat, and be kind and considerate as well as firm in accordance with the production companies wishes, state and federal laws.

For more information on how to obtain our Agencies assistance in your area:

Director of Anti-Piracy Enforcement USA

Capt. Penny Cotsworth #207
Commander of APE Unit
Anti-Piracy Enforcement
913-908-1308 direct

TAPSKC Motor Assist


Individuals may contract our services at a total charge as low as *$35.00 per occurrence or $29.00 hourly.


Our TAPSKC Officer will respond to your non-injury motor vehicle accident to effectively record and document the incident. It will be the individual TAPSKC Officer’s responsibility and decision of what form of media to use to effectively record and document the incident. Available media’s may be: audio, video and/or photography and subject to availability.

Traffic accident: $60.00 (complimentary transportation provided within 15 miles)
Gasoline/tire change: $35.00
Jumpstart: $45.00
Lockouts: $55.00

Job Opportunities

TAPSKC : Private Enforcement Agency is currently seeking well qualified cadets to become Private Commissioned Officers. This position requires proven past military or law enforcement. Extensive private security experience will be considered on a case by case basis.

Our TAPSKC Private Officers are required to maintain current certifications for usage of and not limited to; OC spray, Police baton, handcuffing, open-hand defense tactics, weapon retention / disarming tactics, use of force training, CPR and basic first-aid comparable to; (NLETC) the National Law Enforcement Training Center.

If you believe you can meet our expectations and requirements please email us for to set up your testing date.

TAPSKC : Corporate Offices
Private Enforcement Agency
P.O. Box 14521
Lenexa, Kansas 66285
913.730.3535 main
913.730.3530 fax
913.709.3062 dispatch 24/7


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Hear what our clients have to say about our Agents, our company and our service!

I just saw a taps car drive threw my town and had to check out who was new in town. LOOKING GOOD GUYS. keep up the good work.
I just saw a taps car drive threw my town and had to check out who was new in town. LOOKING GOOD GUYS. keep up the good work.


Please feel free to contact our office to learn more about specific areas and for more information and quotes.

Chief of Operations


P.O. Box 14521
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email: tapskc@gmail.com
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