Founded in March of 2011, T.A.P.S. of KC Inc. was created by Mr. Charles S. Bell. After the death of his 95 year old Grandfather, Ret. Navy Ofc. Vernon Bell II and untimely death of family friend, Charles felt the need to “honor, serve, and protect” those that had lost a loved one and hero. Remembering the great military service that is Grandfather, father, and brothers have provided this great nation, he recalled the military funerals he attended throughout prior years and how the playing of TAPS was performed to honor those who have honorably served and laid their life down for our freedoms. TAPS was born. It was a few short days later that T.A.P.S. of KC Inc. was assigned meaning: Traffic And Public Safety of KC. The Agency was formed with a simple mission statement, “to honor, to serve, and to protect” wherever and with whom ever calls them to duty. This personal call to action pays tribute in constructing an elite Private Enforcement Agency built on a solid foundation of honor, service, and protection.

A short year later Charles stands united in the creation of an Agency promoting general public safety and asset protection. T.A.P.S of KC Inc has successfully branched into a fully functioning privately funded Agency that serves as an acting Private Enforcement detail providing many services and duties that are found within (3) three main divisions; (P.E.U.)-Private Enforcement Unit, (C.O.P.)-Community Outreach Programs, and (M.E.P.)-Motorcade Escort Protection.

T.A.P.S Of KC Inc. is proud to employ elite number of men and woman that are united in their mission.


It is our pleasure to “honor, serve, and protect” our clients diligently.

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